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Lion Dynamics

Lion dynamics

A lion prides takeover always causes turmoil among the prides and it takes a few months for them to settle down again. The Eastern Bank Males that came into the region, and killed some of the dominant male lions, have now settled with the Biyamiti Weir pride.

The Jock pride females moved their 18 month old offspring away from their core territory towards the west to escape the Eastern Bank Males. With no dominant pride males caring for the pride the safety of the 8 young Jock lions is a concern. Over the past month several nomadic males moved into the region. Nomadic male lions quickly pick up that an area is absent of dominant males.

Two of these males were identified by “Lions of the Kruger National Park” Facebook site Admin, William Elsworth, as the Styx Males. Like the Eastern Bank Males, these males came from the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. The Sabi Sands is a neighbouring game reserve that is open to the Kruger National Park. Mature males that don’t settle with females in an area often become nomadic in the search of a pride of their own. In vast wilderness areas, male lions can sometimes settle 100’s km’s away from their natal pride. This is nature’s way to ensure a strong gene pool among lions. Story by Louis Strauss. Photo of one of the Styx Males by Estiaan Houy.


A lion prides takeover

A lion prides takeover

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