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Nestled at the confluence of the Mitomeni* and Biyamiti* rivers at the southern tip of the world famous Kruger National Park, the legend lives on of the story of an intrepid explorer, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, the renowned South African author. The lodge is situated on 6 000 ha of pristine bushveld and for the exclusive use to the discerning Jock guests.

The lodge has been built to the most stringent eco-management criteria in South Africa, audited by Kruger National Park and DEAT (Department of Environment and Tourism) on a bi-annual basis. Off road driving on the concession is permitted for predator sightings. This is however done in an environmentally sensible manner as the damage a vehicle does to the veld takes up to 2 years to repair. An aerial survey has shown the true damage that off-road driving has done to the environment in the past. Jock Safari Lodge has a 100% commitment in maintaining a low impact upon the footprint that is Jock in order to remain true to the overall conservation ethic of the Caleo Foundation and in order to preserve this unique heritage for future generations.

This luxurious concession offers us glimpses of bygone days of the gold diggings of the Eastern Transvaal, where adventurers like Irish born Fitzpatrick traversed the rugged Lowveld and escarpment en route to the beautiful African port of Delagoa Bay now known as Maputo in Mozambique. Sir Percy Fitzpatrick transported provisions by ox wagon from the coast to the gold digging villages, assisted by his constant companion, Jock. Fitzpatrick outwitted crocodile infested rivers, malaria carrying mosquitoes and man eating lion, while having to ‘hunt for the pot’, traversing and sleeping under immense African skies. Jock Safari Lodge are actively involved with numerous conservation and research projects of rare and endangered species such as: black and white rhino, lion, wild dog, marshall eagle and the ground hornbill. More recently Jock Safari Lodge was thrilled to be a part of a demographic study in conjunction with the Kruger National Park to research the impact of bovine tuberculosis on lion populations.

*Shangaan for Jackalberry tree and Place of Many Trees, respectively.

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