Latest News Bush Hacking with Tony Johnstone in the Kruger National Park
5 November 2012

Playing golf in the Kruger Park is unusual to say the least. But for Tony Johnstone, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. As he hacks his way through the bush on an epic round of golf, we discover the animals, plants and birds Tony encounters as he plays the ultimate Open. Together with his trusty sidekick and head ranger, Lazarus, we explore the incredibly diverse and fascinating wildlife of the Kruger Park in South Africa.

Jock Safari Lodge supplied the rangers, vehicles and hospitality to the production team.

Bush Hacking was produced by On Air Media, a production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Producer, Ilana Gordon, conceived the series after realising how passionate Tony Johnstone is about wildlife.  Episodes were carefully scripted. But for all the meticulous planning, nothing could have prepared the team for the surprises and unexpected wildlife they encountered.

Visit the Bush Hacking Website to view the episodes & read the entertaining behind-the-scenes information.  Links below are to a few of the clips, you will find them all here

African Rock Python - very special reasons got this snake to stick around long enough for Tony to film with it.

View Episode

Big Foot - focus on elephants, or rather, their feet!

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Chameleon - How on earth are we going to find a tiny chameleon in the Kruger Park?” Needle? Haystack?

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Dropping Shots - All the dung in this episode was located exactly as you see it...

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GiraffeThe giraffe is the world’s tallest land mammal.

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