Frogging Safaris

For veteran bush trekkers who’ve been there done that, Jock Safari Lodge is offering something new under the sun – a Frogging Safari. Here’s what gives:

With an estimated 34 different species of Amphibians in Kruger, Jock Safari Lodge ranks as one of the best places for Frogging Safaris. Froggers are issued head lights, nets and gum boots and set out after dark. Frogs are caught and identified, and then released back into their habitat. Guests get to marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors and the choir of sounds emitted from these tiny creatures, some no bigger than your thumb.

Every different species of frog has his or her own look – color, pattern and size. Mark Twain’s celebrated frog of Calaveras County has nothing on the amazing frogs of Kruger. Some recent “catches” include Banded Rubber Frogs, Bubbling Kassinas, Sand Frogs and Painted Reed Frogs.

Frogging Safari-goers will discover the wee wet ones get a bad rap for such characteristics as sliminess and bulging eyes. Truth is they have very good eyesight because they bulge out the sides of their heads in order to see in nearly all directions. And their skin must remain moist to help them breathe.

Best time to go wet and wild? The rainy months of November through March are the top months for frogging.

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