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Upcoming Specialist Safaris

You are able to request that Geran Guides you on any Safari within the Shamwari Group Portfolio, this comes with an additional fee for Geran and this will be built into your payment structure.

Be it on a Photographic Safari exploring the vast landscapes of Sanbona and the myriad of highly specialised species found there, or on a Conservation Safari exploring the intricacies of re-introducing species to these incredible Reserves – Sanbona and Shamwari, the options of a tailor made Safari with Geran are as diverse as they are amazing.

If one looks at the diversity of habitat alone offered within Sanbona (Western Cape, Little Karoo) Shamwari (Eastern Cape, Albany Thicket) Jock safari lodge (Kruger National park) Gorillas Nest (Virunga Volcano National Park) and Nyungwe Forest Lodge (Nyungwe National Forest park) it is truly staggering in terms of the habitat diversity and thus species protection that the Shamwari Group nestles in its Portfolio of Conservation areas.

This is why I believe that a combination Safari of linking these Reserves in one Safari experience is an unrivalled Safari experience in South Africa. I am currently working on a combination of Safari experiences within the group that I will reveal shortly. These will be designed to give a bespoke experience of what these incredible Reserves can reveal on a truly unique South African and East African Safari."

He is also available to help advise with tailor making a Safari within the Shamwari Group for your specific needs and wants and firmly believes that establishing communication with any Client before he meets you is key to an incredible experience…… “ I want to meet you for the first time as a friend who I am about to unravel a very special and intimate world to…..”

Please feel free to contact me to help create a Safari beyond your expectations..

Contact Geran if there are any specific safari journeys you would like to see here.

Mobile - + 27 (0) 72 461 8549
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