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Meet our Guides at Nkomazi

Heinrich Carstens - Head Ranger

Ever since I can remember I had a passion for nature. From a very early age my parents found it hard to keep me indoors and away from all the creepy crawlies that waited to be discovered around every corner.

I grew up in a time where you found something outdoors to keep yourself occupied with, to explore your surroundings.

Today I still havenít lost that urge to explore, to discover new things, and to learn about the things that I donít know yet. Nature provides in that need.

After studying Nature Conservation, I started my career as a guide about nine years ago, ever since that day learning something new literally every time Iím out there! I am currently a level 2 guide.

Every day in the bush provides you with something special, big or small. Itís a sad day in a guideís career when he thinks he knows everything, and no one can teach him anything.

My Biggest Interest is Birds and large cats and I have a keen intrest and a good eye for photography

Working at Nkomazi is really a special privilege. It provides any nature lover with a fresh unique experience. It is the perfect place where I can share my passion for nature with my guests, and send them home knowing I taught them something new.

Kilmon Ndlovu - Ranger

My name is Kilmon Ndlovu. I was born and raised in Acronhoek, Mpumalanga. My native language is Shangaan , but I am fluent in English. I can also speak Afrikaans, Swazi, Zulu & Sotho. I am married and have 1 child, a boy. My hobbies include soccer, reading, playing chess and bush walks.

I have been in the hospitality industry for 7 years now and have a great passion for people, animals and life in the bush and therefore I love guiding visitors at Nkomazi and sharing my passion with them.

My bush interests are: birds, flowers, trees, insects, reptiles, astronomy and animal behavior.






Dave Jacobs - Ranger

From a young boy I have always loved the bush, I never wanted to stay indoors. My passion is for nature grows every day , every day there is something new to see in the bush and I wouldnít change this lifestyle for anything. I have a massive passion for birds and particularly their calls.  For me there is nothing more relaxing then sitting in a quiet spot identifying all the birds around just with their calls.

I also love reptiles and Carnivores and any unusual behavior of any animal. I Have worked in Nambeti in Natal, Madikwe in the North-west, and Kapma in the Limpopo. I did the Professional Field Guides course with eco-training and my Trails in the Sabie Sands and Mashatu Botswanna. I have been Guiding now for about 3 years and find my enthusiasm and excitement growing here at Nkomazi.

Ulrich Schutte - Lodge Manager and Guide

Iím from a suburb called Roodepoort on the outskirts of Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province.

From a very young aged Iíve always been interested in the Bush, as I aged my interest grew in Nature with an enriching influence from various family members.

My career options changed from Ecologist to Wildlife Veterinarian to Zoologist and as I got out of my introverted teenager shell I saw my child hood dream of becoming a ďrangerĒ a reality.

My parents supported me when I wanted to study Game Farm and Lodge Management with Advanced Guiding forming the core of the Diploma.

I have a passion for the bush and an even bigger passion combining nature conservation and Tourism I have been guiding for almost 10 years and worked mainly in the Waterberg, Lowveld and Botswana

With a team behind me second to none and a supportive family living and working with me on the reserve, I can achieve to guide and manage at the same time and live out my passion.

My mindset has change drastically from teaching myself to teaching others and learning from the questions that guests ask that arises out of the mysteries and the wonders that Nature has to offer.

My biggest interest is Reptiles, Birds and Trees but there is nothing more rewarding than viewing animals specifically high profile mammals in their Natural Environment interacting with each other and interpreting there behaviour. I have a interest in photography especially abstract and portraits photos

Nkomazi has crept deep into my heart and I hope to spend many more years here to learn about this unique Jewel.

Celebrate Ndlovu - Ranger

I grew up in Welverdiend a small village in Mpumalanga, close to Kruger National park. As a small boy I herded my fatherís cattle and was often out in the bush for hours at a time. So nature has always been on my doorstep.

This is where my interest in and great passion for nature and wildlife was born, so it was always my dream to combine my work with my passion. Now trough tourism Iím living the dream.

But I started at the bottom. After school for many years I was a barman at lodges, later becoming a tracker, slowly building up my knowledge by listening to and watching the rangers operate, and later on studying to obtain my guiding qualifications. Now I combine my knowledge of both tracking and guiding to give my guests the ultimate experience.

My biggest interests are birds and animal behavior. Still, every day in the bush presents new opportunities to expand my knowledge.

I fell in love with the bush long ago, so I will never leave it behind! Come and share it with meÖ

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