Rock Formations & Features

Sheer humbleness is experienced beneath the massive examples of Cape folded mountains and thick veins of quartz, displaying rock features of incredible grandeur formed by the earths tempestuous past more than 350 million years ago. Continental collisions, the submergence of the earth's crust and the cataclysmic influence of the oceans have all contributed to the magnificent landscapes of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

The geology of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve consists of sedimentary sandstones, mudstones and siltstones from the Devonian era. This period was the beginning of life on earth and trace fossils of various marine invertebrates have been found.

Qualified rangers offer fascinating insight into the secrets that the rocks unfold, bearing stories of distant times of the land that time forgot - rocks progressively eroded and weathered to become the life bearing soil of the Klein Karoo.

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