Volunteer Experiences for Individuals (short or long term)

The Shamwari CNSV:XP for Volunteer Individuals, as part of a gap year, sabbatical or experience holiday, takes participants behind-the-scenes and exposes them to the several daily aspects involved in the conservation management of Shamwari Game Reserve.

Participants are exposed to short and long-term projects which are by outcome, intended to create sustainability for generations to come. Tasks may vary from physical work to interesting and interactive lecture based content. There are several monitoring projects which assist in capturing vital information used in the research and management of all species on reserve. The experience is diverse and structured, yet not prescheduled as result of the nature of working in and around wildlife and a reliance on prevailing conditions. Visits and tasks at the Born Free Foundation and Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre are undertaken according to the requirements to manage and host the big cats and other animals deemed to have chance of being saved, rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

This experience is operated from any one of our three varying accommodation facilities which have dining and common and/or lounge areas, but is generally hosted from our main facility on an area known as Pote’s. Average stays vary from between two to 12 weeks, with recommendation of a longer stay on availability. Although any room or facility changes are averted, participants may be moved during their stay.

With a minimum stay of two consecutive weeks, start dates are any Monday on availability and by time schedule, operations run from approximately 08H00 to 17H00 daily. Evenings are at leisure with any need for early morning or late night activities dependent on the tasks at hand. Our conservation work generally runs in-week from Monday to Friday or as is required by the operations of the reserve’s conservation efforts, therefore participants may be asked to assist and conduct related weekend activities from time-to-time.

Extra Mural or Weekend Activities (at own cost)

Extra’s and Services

Possible Talks and Presentations:

What to Pack (exercised at discretion of participants)

FAQ’s & Documentation for Signature of or pre-arrival

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