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Why choose Nkomazi Game Reserve

The malaria-free Nkomazi Game Reserve, part of Shamwari Group, is situated in the magnificent Mpumalanga Province of South Africa and is a mere 3.5 hours from Johannesburg. Known as the place of ‘timeless natural wonders’, it is a destination of outstanding scenic beauty.

Nkomazi is an ecological Aladdin’s cave of natural treasures, from its towering ancient mountains to its broad river valleys and impressive grasslands containing countless animals and rare flora such as the Barberton Daisy. This area is often referred to as the holy grail of geology with some of the oldest rock formations on the planet.

Stretching over 15, 000 hectares, Nkomazi is a place where guests can experience tranquillity, witness the free-roaming wildlife and admire the landscapes of scenic beauty under the African sky. The reserve represents a kaleidoscope of Africa's habitats in its ability to support both high and lowveld game species on the high-lying grassland and the low-lying bushveld areas therefore supporting an ecological balance.

Nkomazi boasts 10 luxury tents at Komati Tented Lodge. These tents are specially positioned to blend into the landscape and linked by walkways and paths through the bush. All tents are furnished with luxury campaign style furniture, creating a traditional “Out of Africa” feel with all the added comforts and luxuries of 5-star accommodation.

Situated on the banks of the Komati River, surrounded by towering mountains, broad river valleys and impressive grasslands, Nkomazi offers unique safari based activities to allow for a complete tailor-made experience.

Guests can enjoy game drives, twice a day, and experience the sun rise over the North Eastern boundaries of the reserve during a game drive or take in the spectacular views from lookout points among the rocky granite sentinels of the highlands of the reserve.

Enjoy 15 km of river frontage and rock pools, while rolling grasslands support large herds of free-roaming wildlife, making Nkomazi a game-viewing haven.

Game rangers provide insightful and valuable information about wildlife, fauna and flora. Other activities include guided walks, bird watching, fly-fishing, guided mountain biking, star gazing under the magnificent African sky and various treatments at the Relaxation Retreat.

In between game drives, relax, read a book, enjoy relaxation treatments, sunbathe or swim and of course indulge in wholesome African Lodge cuisine.

Nkomazi forms part of the Barberton greenstone belt, the mountain land known as Makonjwa Mountains, which contains some of the oldest fossils of life on earth more than 3, 500 million years old and preserves vast tracts of grasslands, the biome that is recognised today as one of the most threatened in the world. In keeping with their unique geology, their grassy ridges and forested valleys are full and rare and endangered species of plant and animals. Wildlife, vegetation and geology, are all inextricably interconnected.

Sister properties include Shamwari Game Reserve, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve and Jock Safari Lodge in South Africa and in Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest Lodge and Gorilla’s Nest Lodge; each doing their utmost in conserving a vanishing way of life.

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