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Ranger Training General Information

Cost of Course Includes

Extra Mural Activities (at own cost)
The course runs 60 days consecutively with 2 breaks scheduled over weekends. This is a structured and intensive course which requires participants to make productive use of their free time by studying and preparing for assignments. The scheduled breaks may be used to explore the Eastern Cape and surrounding biodiversity or extra study time.

Extra’s and Services
There is no network coverage at the tented accommodation and these services are only available at the main building

Internet: memory dockets can be purchases to make use of the wireless network
Access to telephone by purchasing a World Call Card. Cards can be purchased at most Vodacom shops, at the Port Elizabeth airport and any Post office.

R50 deposit will be requested on arrival for laundry bag, room key and general responsibility for facility and equipment.

Course Requirements

Recommended Packing & Reading

FGASA Code of Conduct

Got any questions about our Ranger Training course or being a game ranger? Ask your question on our Facebook page or Twitter account and we’ll get back to you! Start your question with ‘Ranger Training Q&A"

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