Blog [March 2012]

Photographing Leopards and Lions

23 March 2012 | It had been one of those mornings when everything comes out to play... Post a Comment

Photography Tips - The Week In Pictures

16 March 2012 | An encounter with a coalition of two male cheetahs, which I came across on Sunday while driving a remote track just North West of the concession, was a real surprise... Post a Comment

10 Green Initiatives We Use At Jock Safari Lodge

11 March 2012 | Here's a list of 10 green initiatives we employ at Jock Safari Lodge to lessen our environmental impact. Post a Comment

Birding Photography

6 March 2012 | 3 beautiful images of 3 different birds found at Jock Safari Lodge, in the Kruger National Park and how they were photographed Post a Comment

The death of a King

2 March 2012 | 7 years ago 2 Kings joined the Jock pride of lions, they ruled with an iron paw and defended the territory from all attackers with brute force until 2 years ago when one of the Kings died. Post a Comment

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