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3 leopards in one sighting! It’s been an unbelievable week for leopard sightings at Jock Safari Lodge! Ranger Dave shares the story in pictures here…

Wednesday 8 Feb

This morning on drive we had a very exciting encounter with three leopards in one area! By the way, the collective noun for leopard is a leap and we rarely ever use it as leopards are mostly solitary or seen in pairs only while mating over a period of 4 to 5 days. At times mothers with cubs are seen but to see three in one spot was fantastic! Rangers Patrick and Lyle also got to see them and spend time with these beautiful majestic cats. This image was of one of the three leopards lying on a branch.

Jock Safari Lodge Leopard












Thursday 9 Feb

What a way to end the morning drive! I was surprised to come across yet another leopard close to the road up in a Marula tree, the perfect tree for a leopard! I'm starting to wonder if Marula fruit are not the only thing which grows on them! The lighting was great, not harsh light to cause dark shadows as there was light cloud cover. Talk about being fortunate - leopard two days in a row! Both Head Ranger Lazurus and Ranger Patrick got to see this very relaxed male leopard with their guests.

Jock Safari Lodge Leopard Tree











And last but not least...

Here is another image taken of the same leopard I saw this morning on the way back to the lodge just north of Biyamiti bridge. This was taken with my 100-400mm IS USM lens the previous image was taken with my 300mm IS USM lens with a 2x converter making it a 600mm lens at 5.6.

Jock Safari Lodge Leopard Sighting











Images and Text by Dave Olsen
Senior Guide and Photographer
Jock Safari Lodge


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Victor Visser posted on 2 March 2012:

Hi great photos! A quick question - is there any distortion (on the outer part of the photo) when using a 2x converter that I have been told about. I have a Sigma 150/500 APO DG stabilizer F5.6 Nikon body. Would appreciate your feedback as you must take a lot of photos Thank You Vic

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