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Yesterday afternoon I had a transfer to pick up from Malelane gate, a late arrival, so I left early and like always my camera was with me. As I was driving down I came across a flap-necked chameleon trying to cross the road so I jumped out and took the opportunity to lie on the road and take a very close up shot of this individual.

So often they get hit by vehicles. As an arboreal lizard, their limbs and feet are not designed for rapid movements. On the ground they are rather slow and when threatened they usually freeze and hesitate which ends in carnage on the road. Please if ever in the Kruger pay careful attention to the road and look out for the small creatures, like this flap-necked chameleon that cross the road.

Jock Safari Lodge - Chameleon









The weekend was quite eventful. I got to see a leopard far off in a tree followed by a sighting of lions feeding on a buffalo kill on Saturday morning on the H3 road just north of our concession. The Saturday afternoon was topped off with a female cheetah and her youngster feeding on an impala kill only 25m off the road close to the Jock road junction with the H3.

As seen from the image she was keeping a watchful eye while the youngster fed, in the case the commotion caught the attention of predators in the area. I took the image with my 100-400mm IS USN lens. This isnít a great image as the lighting was rather difficult. I was shooting into the light at the time and had to move further from the subject so that I was not looking straight into the sun.

Jock Safari Lodge - Cheetah










I also got to see and photograph this Lilac-breasted roller really close to the road perched on a dead acacia tree which really made a great composition. The lighting was perfect as the subject was frontally lit which brought out the colors of one of Krugerís most beautiful birds. I used 100-400mm IS USM canon lens aperture was 5.6.

Jock Safari Lodge - Roller






















Image and words by Dave Olsen
Senior Guide
Jock Safari Lodge


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