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Portraits of some of Jock Safari Lodge's lion pride members by Senior Ranger and photographer Dave Olsen.

Jock Safari Lodge - Lion Portrait








Some of our pride members relaxing on the bank of the Biyamti river. When dry we use river to access our concession.

Jock Safari Lodge - Three lions









"I took this photo of our Jock Pride members while out on drive. It was a great way to start my work cycle after being on off days. Apparently they were not seen in a while so I really made the most of it and sat with them for 45mins on the dry river bed." Jock Safari Lodge - Kruger Lions














A portrait including one of the young up and coming males in our pride. At this stage, he already outsizes the females of the pride. 



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Heather Chalmers posted on 4 January 2012:

These are really superb and crisp photos, Dave. Well done!

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