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 “Unforgettable experience” - “Wonderful Experience” - “Stunning, amazing, fantastic (we could go on...!)” -
“An absolutely wonderful experience!!”-
“Jock delivers The Big Fives and More!” - “Everything we could have asked for”- "An amazing family experience!” - “Best Safari Experience” - “Lifetime Memories”

These are just some of the wonderful reviews Jock Safari Lodge has had on TripAdvisor recently.

We work hard to be the best safari lodge inside the Kruger National Park and our guest reviews confirm we are doing a good job.

Thank you for your feedback!

Some more excerpts from reviews...

Faultless, amazing and a safari experience everyone should have (but please can you take us with you?) ;-)

This is our most memorable vacation to date!

A most remarkable and memorable experience in Kruger professionally and cheerfully delivered by everyone at Jock Safari Lodge. Thank you!!!

As a family we stayed at this lodge and were treated like royalty.

The lodge itself is situated on the banks of two rivers and as we visited during the dry season ( winter) both were without water which made game viewing more spectacular and the animals easier to view.

The rooms are beautiful, each with their own plunge pools, napping/viewing decks suspended over the river and mosquito-netted beds.

I even got an epic neck and foot massage at the spa. I have done camping safari's before and something has to be said for doing it amazing luxury here. Wonderful stay and I better be back sometime! Simply cannot recommend enough.

The staff are very attentive and we were even taken on a hike to spot a pride of lions that were tracked to a river bank. The game viewing in the area is excellent and we managed to see the Big 5 during our two day stay.

Everything from the moment we got there was excellent. Whilst the routine takes a little learning (not difficult, but nice to have some routine), everything is done so well. The rooms are beautiful, private and have amazing views across the dry riverbed.

Tips - bring warm clothes, and expandable stomach and the biggest camera card you can find. Also bring some tissues for when you have to wipe your eyes when you leave.

They also consider the children and on occasion entertained them with the likes of baking cookies in the kitchen.

As a bonus, the food was some of the best we ate on our entire trip. Outdoor dinners at the boma with a huge selection of protein, veggies, sides, and salads. They kept us very well fed :):)

We look forward to welcoming you to Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park!


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