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By Louis Strauss
General Manager

There is an estimated 1700 lions roaming the vast Kruger National Park, with each pride occupying a territory of around 8000 hectares. In the area where the Jock Rangers conduct their game drives there are at least seven known prides of lion. The one pride that we know best is the "Jock" pride and we've posted numerous pictures of the new cubs over the past few months on FB.

Due to pressure from other prides the Jock pride has moved into a remote part of the Kruger where there are no roads and we've not seen them for at least two weeks. This morning the Rangers found them on our Concession boundary and we were thrilled to see that seven cubs are still alive and in good condition.

In the Kruger, lion cubs live a tough life and the mortality amongst cubs is high. Only four months ago this pride had 13 cubs. The cubs are now almost a year old and we hope they will make it to adulthood. They provided us with a show for at least an hour before moving off into the bush.


Jock lion pride March 2013


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