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Territorial Bull, Jock Safari Lodge.

Territorial Bull, Jock Safari Lodge.

By Ranger Pete
Jock Safari Lodge

I went out for a staff bumble (fun/relaxing drive, just a little time out from the lodge) last Friday with my wife Naomi and our Head Chef, Attie.

We were parked at a big pool in a dry riverbed having a sundowner and watching three hippos interact in the pool of water.

There was a female and two big bull hippos. The two bulls were fighting for territorial dominance of the pool and the female hippo that goes with it.

They were very vocal, challenging each other, and it was amazing to watch their awesome display of strength and power as they clashed.

Naomi (Lodge Manager of Fitzpatrick’s Lodge) managed to get a good pic of the two bulls fighting with my camera - see below.

The bull on the right sustained some nasty gashes under his chin from those huge tusks of the other bull. When we finally left they were still going at it, so we're not sure if there was a winner or not, but the competition was certainly very fierce!

Territorial Hiippos fighting


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atta posted on 13 December 2012:

Africa is best country in world. Best environments.

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