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Lioness - Jock Safari Lodge.

Lioness - Jock Safari Lodge.

Jock Safari Lodge is currently participating in and sponsoring a demographic study of lions in the Kruger National Park. The study will help us to understand the impact of bovine tuberculosis on lion populations and is conducted by the highly efficient team of the Kruger National Park.

Jock sponsored a satellite collar that was fitted onto the dominant female of the Jock pride. Rangers share vital information on the pride with the researchers as we view them almost daily. Whenever the opportunity arises we invite guests to participate in the research. There is currently an estimated 1684 lions in the Kruger National Park. This is just our small contribution to ensure that lions roam the vast wilderness of the Kruger for many years to come.

By Louis Strauss
Jock Safari Lodge GM
Kruger Lion Research


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TravelNina posted on 23 August 2013:

Indeed a great job ! You guys doing really good deed :) Thanks for sharing. A morning with 10 lions at Kruger National Park

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