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Male lion - image by Dave Olsen.

Male lion - image by Dave Olsen.

By Louis Strauss
General Manager
The first rain of spring arrived early in the Kruger this year. In September we recorded 140mm of rain and another 100mm in October. This resulted in the main river that runs through the Jock Concession, the Biyamiti River, to start flowing again after several months of being dry. The bush is starting to look very lush and there are numerous seasonal water holes that hold good water.
Biyamiti River by David Olsen
Image by Dave Olsen

We are awaiting the birth of the first baby impalaís and the Rangers have a little competition running between them to see who will be the first to spot one of these beautiful little antelopes.

The lush new grass has drawn in large herds of buffalo and with them the lions follow. The Jock Rangers spotted all of the four prides that occupy territories in our area in the past few days. The Wild Dogs are also back in our area and we have regular sightings of 2 packs of these endangered carnivores.

Woodlands Kingfisher by Jean-Pierre Jordan

Image by Jean-Pierre Jordan

Most of the summer migrant birds have returned with the exception of the Woodland Kingfishers. Having spent most of my life in the bush I always say that the female impala always waits for the first call of the Woodland Kingfisher before giving birth. Letís see if I get it spot on again this year?

Spring and early summer is a fantastic time to visit Kruger especially if the rains arrive early as the temperatures are fairly mild and game viewing is great.


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