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Birding opportunities at Big 5 safari lodge, Jock Safari Lodge.

Birding opportunities at Big 5 safari lodge, Jock Safari Lodge.

Grey Heron, Jock Safari Lodge

A smaller cousin of the Goliath heron is the Grey heron pictured in this image I took while sitting in the bird hide at lake Panic not too far from our Jock concession. This heron is one of the most widely distributed of our herons and can be found in Europe as well.

Goliath Heron, Jock Safari Lodge

Reflections of a Goliath heron with the autumn colours reflected in the water. I was watching him hunt and so were the fish eagles perched nearby. Just used my 300mm f2.8 Is usm Canon lens so that I was able to compose the image and get both the heron and its reflection in. These are the largest herons in both Africa and the world standing between 120- 152cm tall and with a wingspan of up to 230cm.

African Darter, Jock Safari Lodge

The African darter spreading its wings to dry after a successful fishing trip. These birds spend hours in the water diving after fish and swimming considerable distances under water. They have no preening glands of which most birds will use to oil their feathers which helps disperse water off the feathers due to their aquatic lifestyle they have.

African Darter Portrait, Jock Safari Lodge

Another image of the same African darter this time using my 2x converter with my 300mm f2.8 Canon IS usm lens to gain a tight close up of the bird while it was grooming to the last rays of sun. I had to push up the Iso to 400 to maintain a suitable shutter speed.

Words and Images by Ranger David Olsen


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