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One of the biggest advantages of visiting the Jock Private Concession is that you can traverse areas of the Kruger that no other visitors get to see.

My favourite drive on the Concession is to drive along the dry riverbed of the Biyamiti River. This seasonal river allows us to drive along it's dry beds for at least 9 months of the year. Apart from the scenic beauty of the area, it is the best place to seek out the Big 5. Numerous pools remain throughout the year attracting predators and herbivores.

The pictures are some of my best memories of this season. Click on them to open a larger view and slideshow.

Have you experienced the "dry river cruise"? Send us your favourite pictures! EMAIL US

If not, add this to your bucket list!

The best months to experience the "dry river cruise" is April-November.

Louis Strauss
General Manager


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