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Article by Louis Strauss, General Manager of Jock Safari Lodge

After the long dry winter season, rains arrived in the Kruger National Park in October and we had over 100mm of rain in the month. After the first good rains, fields of lush green grass & veld flowers rapidly appeared. Most migratory birds like Woodlands Kingfisher, Cuckoo's & Wahlberg Eagles are now back in the area. Their courtship calls could sometimes continue late into the night. Baby impala's are appearing everywhere and the bush just seems to have come alive!

Large herds of elephant, buffalo & zebra have moved into the Jock Concession area to enjoy the fresh growth of grass. This always draws the attention of the large predators and we've seen lions on buffalo kills just about every week.

Every season is different and unique in the Kruger National Park and I often get asked by guests, which is the best season to visit the Kruger. I always reply try them all, and pick your own favourite".


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