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April 2012 floods.

April 2012 floods.

Photo taken by ranger Pete of myself in the landcruiser heading up and exploring a tributary that runs into the main Biyamiti River. We eventually managed to complete the Tambotie Spruit to the boundary of the concession only by hard manual work. We had to clear big fallen trees and debris that had come down with the flood, furthermore we had to deflate the tyres right down so that we could complete the technical stretches of the spruit. The mission was accomplished after many blisters, sore muscles and not to mention a punctured tyre - all part of the hard work and fun of being able to spend days out in the bush!

Jock Safari Lodge- bush clearing











A good perspective of the big pool or obstacle ahead in the riverbed. Ranger Pete pictured alongside the landcruiser. From this photo one can get a better perspective of size by comparing the landcruiser on the edge of the pool. We manage to negotiate this obstacle by climbing up a huge sand bank just to the north of the pool. Yesterday we saw both a hippo and quite a big crocodile sharing the pool, this is certainly going to be a hot spot for activity in the up and coming dry season!!

Jock Riverline











This images of the riverbed shows the sandbank on the left that we climb in order to get around the large mass of water taking up the entire width of the riverbed.

Jock Flood Damage











What Jock Safari Lodge General Manager Louis Strauss had to say: " Dave, that is what makes the difference betweeen a Ranger and a Jeep Jockey. Great work guys!!! What a priviledge to work in the Kruger National Park. The wildest place left in SA."



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