Blog Index Jock's King Dethroned By Defiant Buffalo

Seven years ago, two Kings joined the Jock Safari Lodge pride of lions. They ruled with an iron paw and defended the territory from all attackers with brute force. Two years ago, one of the Kings died leaving his brother to defend the females and the territory, which he did with the same aggressive and defiant attitude.

The King fathered 7 cubs, 2 females and 5 males. In November 2011 he and his sons were ousted by 3 lions from the Malembane pride of males and had to move off to pastures new.

Unfortunately the life of a male lion is a difficult one and over the past few months, the King grew old and weak until on the 29th of February 2012, on a warm Kruger morning, a herd of about 200 buffalo found him and his sons, sealing his fate. Here is a video of the encounter captured by a Jock Safari Lodge.



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