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Jock Safari Lodge cheetah












An encounter with a coalition of two male cheetahs which I came across on Sunday while driving a remote track just North West of the concession was a real surprise! The afternoon started off really quite well as I made my way through our concession. I pushed further north and then came across the cheetah just lying on the track! The male below posed right on top of a termite mound. Photographed using my 300mm canon f/2.8 IS USM lens opened at f/2.8 ISO was set to 400.


Jock Safari Lodge river












I spend time at Biyamiti crossing which is not only a crossing in our concession but also a point of access to the riverbed. The riverbed is used prolifically during the dry season when we are able to drive the riverbed all the way to the end of our concession. This image was taken just before sunset looking up the Biyamiti. As can be seen there is still a little water which is only just flowing. I used my ultra wide angle lens to capture the image and my Canon 10-22mm USM lens to capture the evening sky and riverbed.


Jock Safari Lodge impala photography












While out on the concession I got to spend time with a bachelor herd of impala. At one stage one of the individuals alarm called and this got all the others on edge resulting in me taking this image of an alert Impala ram. Used 100-400mm IS USM canon lens with my ISO set to 400 and my aperture set to f/5.6 to give me a respectful shutter speed under the available light and to blur the background sufficiently to allow the Impala to stand out. I was shooting on aperture priority to allow me to set and control my aperture.

Words and Images by Senior Guide Dave Olsen


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