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Jock Safari Lodge - lilac breasted roller gaping












"OPEN WIDE" I took this photograph of this lilac breasted roller while heading back for breakfast on the morning game drive. He was so nicely positioned and the lighting was so good I just could not resist! He then opened he bill so wide you could have almost seen what he fed on last... however this image clearly shows how large a gape they have and this enables them to pursue insects in flight and successfully hunt them on the wing. Furthermore, the re-curved upper mandible is employed for dismembering large prey to more manageable bites sizes. I photographed this bird with my Canon 100-400mm f/5.6 IS USM and 50D camera body. ISO 200 was used, aperture f/5.6

Jock Safari Lodge red-backed shrike












This little bird is called a Red-Backed Shrike and itís one of our visitors which spends time here in South Africa during our summer. This little shrike will cover more than 6000 miles across Africa into Europe and western Asia to breed and after the summer in the Northern hemisphere, covers the 6000 miles to our winter in the Southern hemisphere - a rather remarkable feat! I sat with this bird for about 20mins before I managed to capture this image of him stretching using a canon 300mm f/2.8 IS USM lens coupled with a 2X converter giving me a 600mm f/5.6 lens which allowed me to achieve a tighter image.

Jock Safari Lodge











This is a Tawny Eagle. Instead of this specimen living up to its name, it is rather pale. This is due the not so common plumage pale morph that we see from time to time. This pale morph is due to less than normal melanin within its genes and is a recessive gene. If it were far more successful, it would be as common as or more prolific than the tawny gene which is so much more prevalent. I used a canon 100- 400mm IS USM f/5.6 with a 50D body. I pushed the ISO to 400 and took a precise metering on the bird so that it would not under expose with the bright cloudy sky.

Words and Images by David Olsen
Senior Guide
Jock Safari Lodge






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