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The day before yesterday I had a memorable black rhino encounter on my morning safari. The game drive had started out very quietly but much to our surprise ended with a face to face standoff with three black rhinos! It all started during our morning game drive tea and coffee stop. I was having a coffee on my vehicle when I noticed the three black rhino. I tossed the coffee and grabbed my camera... it's all about priorities! The image below is of the female who came towards us and snorted at us while inspecting us. After a brief pause she trotted off with her youngster close behind.













Below is an image I took of the black rhino bull which was interested in the female in the previous image. This brute must have picked up on the high hormone discharge in the urine at one of the middens which they share and was now following her until she was receptive to his advances. I hope for the sake of the population he gets his way!









And then it was all over...the black rhino bull charged off and the others followed suite!









Images and text by Ranger Dave Olsen
Jock Safari Lodge


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