Ground Hornbills nest at Jock Safari Lodge

17 December 2012 | We are very privileged to have a flock of these vulnerable species nesting close to Jock Safari Lodge... Post a Comment

Fighting Hippos

15 November 2012 | We saw a female and two big bulls. The two bulls were fighting for territorial dominance of the pool and the female that goes with it... Post a Comment

Kruger in Springtime

31 October 2012 | The lush new grass has drawn in large herds of buffalo and with them the lions follow. The Jock Rangers spotted all of the four prides... Post a Comment

Jock Safari Lodge Wildlife Update

20 August 2012 | By Louis Strauss, General Manager. The dry season is now reaching its peak in the Kruger with very little water left with the exception of a few pools in the Byamiti & Mitomeni Rivers and the few man made water holes. Although most trees have lost their leaves this time of year... Post a Comment

What is the Big Five?

25 May 2012 | This term Big Five was coined during the early to mid 1800s by hunters and explorers who came to Africa to colonise and settle and later to hunt for sport... Post a Comment

Birding Photography

6 March 2012 | 3 beautiful images of 3 different birds found at Jock Safari Lodge, in the Kruger National Park and how they were photographed Post a Comment

Black Rhino Standoff

20 February 2012 | The day before yesterday I had a memorable black rhino encounter on my morning safari. The game drive had started out very quietly but much to our surprise ended with a face to face standoff with three black rhinos! Post a Comment

3 Leopards in one sighting

10 February 2012 | 3 leopards in one sighting! It’s been an unbelievable week for leopard sightings at Jock Safari Lodge. Ranger Dave shares the story in pictures here… Post a Comment

This weekends pics by Ranger Dave Olsen

6 February 2012 | Yesterday afternoon I had a transfer to pick up from Malelane gate, a late arrival, so I left early and like always my camera was with me. Post a Comment

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