African Wild Dog Pups Suckling

19 August 2013 | This is the sound of African Wild Dog pups suckling in the safety of their den. Post a Comment

4 Wild Dog Pups Born at Jock

25 July 2013 | Read all about the the Wild Dog pups that were born at Jock plus a rare camera trap image! Post a Comment

The Hunt For The Wild Dog Den Site

31 May 2013 | Every year General Manager Louis Strauss sponsors a few competitions amongst the Rangers at Jock. The big one is, who can find the wild dog den site? Post a Comment

Info on the Endangered African Wild Dog

22 February 2013 | The Wild Dog has been the focus of a major long-term study programme in the Kruger National Park since 1989, sponsored by theEndangered Wildlife Trust. Post a Comment

Wild Dog at Jock Safari Lodge

15 January 2013 | Ranger Pete captures some great images of wild dog on the concession. Post a Comment

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