Bateleur Photo and Facts

2 December 2012 | Ranger Pete captured a beautiful image of a female Bateleur recently... Post a Comment

Bird Hide Photography

18 June 2012 | The African darter spreading its wings to dry after a successful fishing trip. These birds spend hours in the water swimming considerable distances and diving after fish. They have no preening glands of which most birds will use to oil their feathers which helps disperse water off the feathers due to their aquatic lifestyle they have. Post a Comment

Photographing Leopards and Lions

23 March 2012 | It had been one of those mornings when everything comes out to play... Post a Comment

Photography Tips - The Week In Pictures

16 March 2012 | An encounter with a coalition of two male cheetahs, which I came across on Sunday while driving a remote track just North West of the concession, was a real surprise... Post a Comment

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