Jock Lion Pride Take Over

5 May 2014 | Three male lions have moved into the Jock Pride's area and look set to take over... Post a Comment

Jock Lioness Collared

2 September 2013 | Guests and staff were on hand to help researchers and vets collar one of the Jock pride females. Post a Comment

See how the Lion cubs have grown

20 August 2013 | We compare images of one of the lion cubs taken last year with one taken last week. See the difference. Post a Comment

Update on the Jock Pride

27 March 2013 | In the area where the Jock Rangers conduct their game drives there are at least seven known prides of lion. The one pride that we know best is the "Jock" pride... Post a Comment

Study On The Lions of Kruger National Park

5 November 2012 | Jock Safari Lodge is currently participating in and sponsoring a demographic study of lions in the Kruger National Park... Post a Comment

Six lion cubs resident at Jock Safari Lodge

30 July 2012 | Our lion cubs are doing well. Of our four resident lionesses in the Jock pride, two have cubs at the moment. We suspect the other two are both pregnant, so we are expecting a few more new arrivals in the future. Of the two lionesses who have cubs, they each had four, but both  … Post a Comment

Jock Safari Lodge Welcomes Four New Lion Cubs

11 May 2012 | welcomes four new additions to the Jock Lion Pride. The eldest female of the pride has become a mother again. Post a Comment

Jock's King Dethroned By Defiant Buffalo

11 April 2012 | On a warm summer morning recently, a herd of about 200 buffalo found the Jock pride male and his sons. Here's the video footage of the clash that ensued. Post a Comment

The death of a King

2 March 2012 | 7 years ago 2 Kings joined the Jock pride of lions, they ruled with an iron paw and defended the territory from all attackers with brute force until 2 years ago when one of the Kings died. Post a Comment

Portrait of The Lions

7 November 2011 | Portraits of some of Jock Safari Lodge lion pride members by Senior Ranger and photographer Dave Olsen. Post a Comment

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