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For the avid birdwatcher, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is home to more than 200 species.

There is a very healthy population of raptors to be seen including African Fish Eagles, breeding pairs of majestic Black Eagles and regular sightings of Black Harrier.

Interesting birds on the Reserve include the Cinnamonbreasted Warbler only seen in the early light of dawn. The Booted Eagle in the pale form breed well on the Reserve, while the Southern Grey Tit intrigues one with its 13 different calls. The Namaqua Sandgrouse travels up to 80kms in search of water, collecting droplets in its breast feathers, flying back to the nest to give the moisture to its chicks. Blackwinged Stilts can be viewed foraging in and around water areas.

Due to the unobtrusiveness of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, the birds are at ease, affording one with good viewing.

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